Monday, December 6, 2010


In a fit of self destruction, unusual even for Democrats, Senate dems this weekend voted to borrow hundreds of billions to give to the richest ten percent. Much of this, thanks to the Bush appointments to the Supreme Court in the Citizens United decision, will find its way to Congressional, Senate and even the Presidential campaigns. Republicans had twice as much to spend in the last elections and now, thanks to the dopey donkeys, will have as much if not more for future efforts. Well done twits.
This need not have happened. The Bill to extend tax cuts to families making $250,000 or less had a majority approving it but fell short of the sixty needed to bring the Bill to a vote. They could have done what the Republicans did in 2001 and passed it by reconciliation. If anyone recalls, and very few do, the Bush tax cuts did not have 60 votes either and the Republicans used reconciliation to pass it by 51 votes. Vice President Dick Cheney, future international fugitive and man of misery, cast the tie breaker as President of the Senate. He is actually proud of giving himself a massive tax break. The reason these breaks to the rich are set to expire this year was to evade the Byrd Rule which prevented any Bill to pass by reconciliation if it increased the deficit beyond ten years of enactment. So even though it blew a trillion dollar hole in the debt and created minimal jobs it passed 51 to 50. Today, the Democrats have 53 votes and would not need Vice President Biden to vote. Obama’s promise to his base could have been passed by reconciliation simply by having the middleclass tax cuts expire before ten years just as Bush’s promise to his base passed. But that, by some twisted logic which defies rational understanding, is underhanded and beneath the dignity and high ideals of The Democratic Party.
In the end, and it may very well be the end, the Republicans get all the campaign funds they need to vote these fine idealists out of office. We will be left with thugs and hooligans. Brilliant.


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